Stacking Models

You can now easily stack models in 3D Box Shot Pro V4

With support for 128 models per scene and collision detection between models, it's easy to stack in 3d box shot pro

The human eye is naturally drawn to regular patterns. There is something special about the aesthetic appeal of a nice stack of books that has been taken to extremes by the Japanese led trend of avant garde book stacking:

Avant Garde Art of Book Stacking

In 3D Box Shot Pro 4 we have introduced a number of new features that make it really simple to create complex stacks of models. These aren’t limited to books. You can create stacks of any .3ds model that 3D Box Shot Pro can load:

Stacks of DVD Cases and iPhones

Cube Stacks in 3D Box Shot Pro

New Stacking Features in 3D Box Shot Pro V4

The first new feature is the auto stacking system. When collision detection is active, if you load another model into a scene the program will automatically stack the models. In previous versions of 3D Box Shot Pro models would automatically share the same position in a scene which created some very strange results. In V4 the program will stack new models on top of existing models if they are taller than they are wide. If they are wider than they are tall the program will stack them in front of the initial model.

Copy and Paste Models

Simply select any model in currently loaded into 3D Box Shot Pro V4 with a left click of the mouse. The selected face will now highlight in red. As the program now knows you have selected a model you can right click on the selected model and Copy, Paste or Delete it.

Combining Scenes

3D Box Shot Pro allows you to combine scenes. You can seamless merge one saved scene in with another by using the Load Models only option on the preset tab.

Procedural Stacking

By applying cumlative rotations to each new model you paste into the scene you can easily create nice swirly model stacks:

In the video above the second model is rotated through 10 degrees on the Y axis. The third 20 degrees, the fourth 30 degrees etc.

Why not give the demo a try and see what you can come up with? We've only scratched the surface of what's possible in 3D Box Shot Pro V4 in this article. Click here to dowload the demo.

Andrew Gibson

CEO of Jellypie Software.