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3d box shot pro can make mug shots, giving you a way to create images to help you market mugs more effectively.

3D mug shot

In this article we’re going to look at some methods for generating mug graphics for the web to promote mug designs. The stacking features in 3D Box Shot Pro really get a chance to shine here. Also, having the ability to rotate a mug so you can see different parts of the design makes it possible to showcase your mugs much more effectively.

It’s reasonable to say that the bar isn’t exactly set very high in the world of mug marketing. Take a quick look at Google images:

Mugs on Google Images

Mugs are an evergreen staple requirement as we all need something to drink from. In an office environment unique mug designs actually make office life run more smoothly as anyone making the teas and coffee’s will testify. Mugs can be used as a branding tool for companies and designer mugs make ideal gifts. The trouble is that a mug is a cylindrical shape which make mapping text onto it in photoshop a giant pain in the ass. As a result many people don't bother and simply resort to slapping 2D text onto an image of a mug in the "Your Logo Here!" style, or photograph the mug they want to sell. The trouble with photographing images for the web is that you need to have photography skills to do this justice and these are skills that most people lack. No one knows the things they do not know, so it's normally people with virtual no photography skills at all that end up taking photo for the web.

3D Box Shot Pro solves this problem by giving you access to a real 3D Model mug that you can map textures to in a couple of mouse clicks. You can also easily stack mug models to create interesting scenes that draw peoples attention and drive clicks. Because the bar is set so low, simply creating some nice looking images will be enough to make you stand out from the crowd:

3D Mug Shot





Jquery Mug


As well as stacking mugs in an ostentatious manner, you can also use 3D Box Shot Pro to take a more subtle approach to showcasing your mug designs. Designer mugs often feature detailed illustrations. Due to the cylindrical, curved nature of a mug, you can't see all of the design, as some of it will be around the back of the mug. You can use 3D Box Shot Pro to put multiple mugs in a scene and rotate indvidual mugs so that the design matches up and you can see all of it:

Carnival Mugs


The 3D Mug model is now part of the exclusive content that you recieve when you purchase 3D Box Shot Pro.

It only requires one texture which wraps around the mug. The important thing to note is that the texture wraps around the mug in such a way that the image meets at the handle:

Mug Image Size

So if you are designing a mug texture that is going to appear on a real mug, you'll need to ensure that your design takes the position of the handle into account. Also if you are designing a mug with a logo or decal, it important to put two of them on the texture, as you want the logo / decal to be visible no matter which way around the mug is held. Might sound obvious, but I've seen mugs in the real world where the logo is only printed on one side!

Golf Decal Mug Image

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